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RT, or Raleigh Transit, is my imaginary transit system. It began operations on April 24, 2000, back in sixth grade, with a crude ClarisWorks-made schedule and three vaguely HO-scale buses I painted the same colors. The first website I ever made was for RT in 2001, using an old Mac Performa and SuperPaint. Today RT is thriving, with exciting new developments whenever I have a burst of bus-oriented creative energy (and some spare time).

The transit guides

Annual (sometimes biannual) booklets
with complete schedule and fare info.

Maps and schedules

We run 12 very diverse routes, from urban trunklines
and downtown circulators to neighborhood feeders
and commuter express lines.

The fleet

RT operates a mostly Gillig fleet, including six 30' Phantoms, six 40' Low Floors, and two 40' BRT Hybrids (pictured). We also operate one MCI D4500 CT Hybrid Commuter Coach, three NABI 416s, and five El Dorado cutaway vans.

Fare media

We offer several discounted passes, but at just $1, even the cash fare is a steal.

Un poco de rock en español

Aquí una selección de música de mi género favorito, el rock en español. Les puse canciones de varias bandas para que conozcan a más artistas que espero que les gusten. También les recomiendo que prueben Pandora, un sitio de Internet radio gratis que usa algoritmos musicales para crear playlists a partir de una sola canción o banda que le pones. La mejor manera de buscar nuevos artistas.

The links section

A few sites, in addition to my own sites, that I think are worth checking out:


USATF Running (or Biking...) Route Maps

Map your own (cycling, running, whatever) routes and calculate mileage and elevation data. You can also look at routes other people have posted for your area.

Green Wheels (Northcoast Environmental Center)

An amazing group advocating transit, biking, walking, and other sustainable transportation in Humboldt County. Some pretty kickass blogs on this site.


Pogue's Posts

David Pogue is my all-time favorite tech columnist/blogger. He's witty and incisive and just seems to get what technology should be all about.


A great site that follows all the important (and not-so-important) Apple news. Useful to keep up on if you're thinking about buying an Apple product soon.


Robert Myslín

My brother Rob, who recently earned his medical degree (yay!) and is now working at Naval Hospital Camp Pendleton in Oceanside. Entertaining mini-bio.

Paul Myslín

My oldest brother, an attorney with the Office of the Public Defender in San Francisco. I've long been a fan of the FUND and Mobden (which is certainly one of RT's inspirations).

Chris Turpin

My old roomie. He made this site as an Art, Science, and Technologies class project, and it shows off some of his cool and sometimes bizarrely inventive artwork.

Fred Hope

My BFF. He hosts a number of original text-adventure games on his site, and his Project F.R.E.D. pages are definitely worth a read. Check it out.


The 2007 College of the Redwoods Upward Bound staff. We had very strong feelings for our golf cart.

Our three-table-long party at Chili's in Goleta for Danielle's birthday, spring 2008.

In honor of Staiano and the books he made us read. San Francisco, 2006.

Biking the Ossagon Trail in Redwood National Park with some leftover Spokes buddies.
(Too much to ask to get a shot of someone actually biking.)

My family's cat Mikeš ('miː.kɛ∫) posing for the camera in 2005.