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These files are password-protected; email me for the password. Most are short excerpts, not full chapters/articles.

• Genetti, Carol. "Language, languages, and linguistics", in How Languages Work: An introduction to language and linguistics.

genetti.pdf (192k)

• MacNeil, Robert. "The language wars", in Do You Speak American?

mn_lgwars.pdf (8.2 MB)

• MacNeil, Robert. "Language from a state of change", in Do You Speak American?

mn_calif.pdf (17.7 MB)

• MacNeil, Robert. "Bad-mouthing Black English", in Do You Speak American?

mn_black.pdf (7.7 MB)

• Kiesling, Scott. "Dude", in American Speech.

kiesling.pdf (172k)

• MacNeil, Robert. "Hispanic immigration: Reconquest or Assimilation?", in Do You Speak American?

mn_span.pdf (3 MB)